Craigslist Fun

I posted this ad only a couple of days ago, I thought it was a transparent joke, but the responses came rolling in:

“I need an honest and scrupulous nanny to take care of my baby for at least 6-8 months. I’m a women who appreciates discretion and needs a nanny who understands what it means to be on a need-to-know basis. The baby. . .is a baby, it shits and sleeps and screams and needs severe discipline. I need it beyond arms reach for an extended period of time, if not indefinite. If you are the right person and form a report with my child then maybe we could work out some kind of lease to own setup. It wouldn’t be expensive, I’m not out to make a bundle on my bundle of joy. But if you’re only interested in harboring it for awhile I’m willing to pay by the month.”

Anyway, these are replies I’ve received so far (updated as they come in):


So I’m not sure if your ad is a serious one or not, but it sounds pretty brutal.

Irregardless, I’m a twenty year old, responsible, mature and hard working female with legit and thorough childcare (and nanny) experience, first aid, cpr, etc.

I am interested to hear more about what you need from a potential nanny.

Feel free to email back whenever.



 I am a baby sitter and i have 2 daughters, i’m 36 years old and so experienced in childcare, i did took care of children even 2,3 months old. I love children and that’s why i started child caring, i get cheaper than other baby sitters because i know how expensive it is and how parents that work full time jobs or even part time jobs need to get a baby sitter, i can either come to your house to take care of your baby if you want or i can take care of your baby at my house.


To whom it may concern:

I am a twenty year old, hard working female with housekeeping and customer service experience. I have first aid, CPR, foodsafe, etc. I have just got back from an amazing time in Australia and am seeking a long term, serious job. Your advertisement on craigslist really appealed to me because I like to clean and it makes me super happy when I see the job done at the end of it all, very satisfying. Also, you mentioned eventually getting into supervisor/management positions, which is something I’m interested in pursuing. Eventually I’d like to go back to school to take business management, but for now I just need a great job to get me started! 🙂

I have copy/pasted my resume and references as asked. Please accept my apologies in advance for the strange format of my resume, I have just switched to the Mac operating system and am still figuring out how to convert everything to it. 

Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi there, are you interested in somebody taking your child at their own house, or coming to your house for childcare?

Hi there
I am a new mom as well as an ex nanny that would like to hear more about your position available.

I am very interested in this position.  I was raised in a VERY strict family, and as such always intended to raise my own in the same manner.  Unfortunately, I am unable to have children, so I am looking for a Nanny job.  I am very discreet, as my previous job involved handling very sensitive information.  I have extensive experience with children, have worked in Daycares from ages 2 months to 5 years.  Please let me know if you are interested in hiring me, and I can provide references.  Thank You for your time

With God as a common Father, all men are brothers


are you really needing child care or is this a joke?

This person didn’t even try to read the ad:

Hello Babysitter, 

 My name is A______  S_____,i need a babysitter for my twins, i live in Ottawa Ontario but am coming down to your area in the state for six weeks seminar and am coming down with my set of twins,i lost my wife some months back and i cant leave my babies behind here in Canada.please get back to me if you are interested in babysitting for my twins.i need someone that will take care of them as her own baby.Do you have kids of yours?please get back to be on time so we can arrange how possible this will be.i look forward to hearing back from you.

your email is very confusing..  are you for real??


Are you actually looking for a nanny????


Is this child in any danger? I am truly concerned…

Hi there, 

if you want to leave your child with me until something better comes up, I would be more than happy to help you. I’m a mother of a 15-month-old and I may be able to help, at least in the short term. I understand your need for discretion- no questions asked. I also understand needing your own space at any cost. I can watch your kid and/or help you find a more permanent or more helpful solution. I don’t ask for pay.

My name is D_____

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