Candid Conversations: Anonymous Banality vol. 1

I recently bought a tape recorder and have been covertly recording conversations. These posts will feature both the banal and the juicy. All names have been omitted to protect the innocent.

“So he looked at me and he’s like, ‘double?'”

I said ‘yeah’. Then he just like, started pouring.”

He mimes tipping a bottle upside down.

“And then, schhhh.”

He mimes adding a small amount of coke with a soda gun.

“Here ya go.”

“So just like a little dash of coke on top of the bourbon?”

“I just said thank you.” (laughs)

“What do they ordinarily think a double is?”

“I don’t know.”

“What are singles to them? Only a half glass full? Or do they just pour and hope for the best?”

“I guess so. These guys in here said it was weird, they said at every bar they’ve been to so far up here, everybody measures everything.  They don’t do that in the states apparently.

“They just free pour?”

Nods. “At the only bar I went to they did. I just thought it was strange.”

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